Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple v. Google + Microsoft in China and WFH (working from home)

So today I worked from home. No seriously. I answered emails, checked in on the status of work in development and wrote a 1st draft of an SOW, I also caught up on some of my digital marketing news....

Apple v. Google ... I mentioned this yesterday in my post re: Lala and even thinking about charging me to stream music....not happening Mr. Jobs...it really is not happening. But this smart phone, data owning, behavioral targeting monster that they are jockeying to unleash. On the one hand I am pretty excited to see the free market take it's gloves off...look how successful it has been with Verizon and AT&T...our rates are supposed to drop in 10 days...I will definitely check my bill for that and change my calling plan to catch the deal. On the other hand I like the ethos of these two companies a lot and I sincerely hope a measure of civility is maintained. We love you don't hurt each other ....too much.

And talk about another good reason to walk away from IE forever, how about a nice little hack in China, "McAfee CTO George Kurtz explains on his blog "In our investigation we discovered that one of the malware samples involved in this broad attack exploits a new, not publicly known vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer."

Upon further reading it seems it not entirely IE6's fault but still....

And a song of the day from my new fabulous playlist on Slacker

All these delicious fun facts from the safety of the living room... not bad for a days work.

Happy Surfing!


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