Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook Timeline for Brands

#1: New Look & Feel
· Cover Photo Layout – Be bold and specific, must do justice to the brand
· 2 Column Timeline layout gives brand the opportunity to
o Highlight notable events
o History of the company
o Product Announcements
o Brand Milestones
§ The ability to create milestones grants a brand a unique opportunity to tell their Story Creatively and Honestly
#2: Integrated Customer Relationship Development
· Brands can now send private messages to their customers
o Finally brands now have a direct interactive Brand to Consumer experience
· Comments easier to read and respond to on a 1 to 1 basis
o Brand opportunity for highly personalized communication
#3: No Landing Page
· FB for business used to give brands the option of which tab could be the landing page for the business giving brands full control of that first impression
o There are NO TABS in the timeline layout