Thursday, January 28, 2010

Information Is A Commodity

Our relationship to information has changed. I became aware of this not for the first time but somehow more acutely just recently when helping my 8 year old daughter Nina, with her homework. Back in the day...when I was a child and had a report to do I went right straight to the encyclopedia, which I understood to be the fountain of all truth. I would dutifully look up my subject and copy out all the information found there, re-arranging some words and adding  a little color and bam, that would be my report. As I grew older and more pages were required I would go to the library check out a few select books and pull together my story from their, all properly cited of course. But again the truth was right there in the pages on the shelf.

Today my daughter and I go to the online version of the Encyclopedia Britanica, where there are big colorful pictures, links and videos and animations and my daughter who has come to expect information to be this way scrolls down the page until she finds a video or animation or link she likes, prints the photos, copies the caption and thinks her work is done. I have to continually prod her to read the whole article, state all the facts, which is as much a matter of age as anything. But I get nervous when she clicks away from the encyclopedia. I am all too aware, thanks to Howard Zinn and that Jason guy who posed as a NY Times reporter and Fox News, that history is in fact written by the conqueror and hard news isn't and that every story is told through the eye of the beholder. Even "articles" on the web make me think twice. I know that what is published as content is rarely vetted and even rarer still, cited. Hell, even the Bible has been 'edited' my dear Constantine to better control the masses and  it hits me, information is a commodity, like any other.

And as a consumer of information I begin to understand that it is collected by those with the resources (Facebook, Google) and doled out to those who are willing and/or able to pay the price; be it the labor of research, the tenacity of the hacker or the money of the wealthy. And the purity of your purchase is a direct reflection of how much you are willing to pay.

May the gods of open source always win!


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

China Pulls Avatar

Chinese official think the fictional story might be too close to the reality of contemporary life in China....

China’s decision to pull Avatar from screens around the country at the height of its popularity is a high profile reminder to international marketers that Western messages don’t necessarily translate to Asian markets.

The Chinese authorities were reportedly concerned that the depiction of greedy property investors in the film would resonate with viewers concerned about the displacement of ‘nail house dwellers’ by property developers in their own country, which has led to widespread unrest.

The Wall Street Journal reports that China’s government has moved to downplay the associations being made:

“Major publications and news portals

 in China were said to have received orders from government authorities to downplay discussion about nail houses related to the movie. Avatar’s success in China has also prompted a fair amount of debate among moviegoers and those in the film industry over whether China will ever produce a similarly spectacular film.”

The message for marketers is that China’s market is not a free one. Broader economic and social issues can, and do, have an impact on business in China in ways that they don’t in Western countries."

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Although I hate to be so unoriginal. This one is for Nina..."it's like my iPod's stuck on replay" by Iyaz. This photo makes him look so grown up.  Silly silly stuff. I promise to get my 3 chord rock back on soon. 


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Song of the Day - I'm Yours

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz  
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This one's been stuck in my head since yesterday but it took until today to get it posted because I didn't have a copy on my hard drive. So first like any good modern girl I check my favorite free site and get an acoustic version from some in store performance, which in fact highlighted all the shallowness of the vocals and chord structure. Next I asked a friend and they found some crazy re-mix with Little Wayne which lost all of its pop fun. This got me curious so I checked out a reggae re-mix which was just plain bad. Finally I asked the ever on time pop maven Lee, my girlfriend and partner who put this thing in my head in the first place and she pointed me in the right direction. This one here is the best, happy go lucky pop that bounces you along in a wash of light hearted bliss.



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Monday, January 25, 2010