Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Digital Radio Player: Part 2

So, Last FM and LaLa....

These two I don't know, Last Fm just didn't do it for much re-dux of the same old thing and this one kicks you right into a video as far as getting work done, wasn't happening. Although nice layout on the history of the artist and for me personally there's something about red that I find to distracting to leave on at work. Which reminds me one last criticism of Jango..the player plays only one song if the window is not open on top in your browser big boo for multi-tasking.


And LaLa....please. I know this one get lots of props from the folks at work and Jobs just bought it but c'mon ...way too complicated. I don't know I even tried but you open an account and get some kind of free points that expire, I have no idea what you're supposed to do with them though because I tried to make a play list and somehow accidently burned a few points just putting the list together and not even playing the songs. As if that weren't enough you can only play the song 1x all the way through or maybe that's when you use the points to play it again...I don't know. And then the when I went back I still had the play list but it wouldn't play automatically, and it kept making new playlists...I guess because I had played some of the songs once. So as it turns out I can name a playlist and select artists but I couldn't keep and play the exact at first I was super psyched to get an exact song list free to stream..but then it turns out ...not really...only once and for the effort of creating the thing...I get nothing. I'd rather just hit play and let it roll right out of the gate. And what were those damn points for anyway?? And if Apple thinks I am going to pay them to stream tunes I have already bought...or some such guff...I got one word for you....Google.

Finally my current favorite...or what was going to be my new favorite....Slacker radio. Very nice design in black. Standard type in artist's name and start playlist. I like this one also because it actually doesn't play videos right away unless I choose too...which really helped in terms and getting going and getting out. But the best thing about Slacker is that the playlist that was auto generated was awesome. I went for a list I called Pop Boys...starting with Train and got all these bands I like...Counting Crows, Wallflowers, Sheryl Crow...I had totally forgotten about the Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz...John Mayer who I can only take in very small doses. Then I mellowed it out some by putting in Jack Johnson and they suggested the Grateful Dead! The Dead, how awesome....."what a long strange trip it's been". The app played seamlessly in the background and played hits, not Bsides and mixed them well so that it never went from Blues Traveller to say those jarring Modest Mouse tunes. Nicely done.  The problem seems to be bandwidth. I couldn't get on last night and even as I type this whole post is is still loading. Bummer. So it is Last FM today who has the last word. C'mon Slacker... get off the couch and let's go!




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