Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Digital Radio Player: Part 1

So a quick run down of free digital "radio stations ", because I just ran through this today as I have been looking for a better player to run in the background at work.

First because it is first Pandora. I still have heart for this player just because it was my first. Clean design interface in light blue. super simple jumping off point type in an artist or select from an exisiting playlist and your off. The trouble is their playlists seem to suck! Even when I vote thumbs up or down too many B sides and random shit. This is in fact what sent me looking.

Next up was Jango. First off it is an MS product which has a Mac girl was hard to swallow. Still I tried. Easy standard starting point type in artist and go. Lots of distracting music videos which I liked but truly ads and emails all over the place. I opted out twice and I still get them so I am once again in the hunt.

Next up I checked out both Last FM and LA LA....

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