Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 4: In the Cloud

Today I am going for more hard core tech...yesterday was good...a lot of pasta, no meat.

Data Centers are not effecient.....

* Kevin Gibbs - Google App Engine
* Yousef Khalidi - Microsoft
* Werner Vogels - Amazon.com

Is there a possible hybrid between dedicated hosting situations and the cloud...cloud burtsting? The man from Google has no answer - he says it's day one. Right this other fellow says yes. This cloud thing is more about enterprise applications than straight up hosting. Also there is no VPN in the cloud. And finally will a security freak like some of our past corporate collaborators allow their site to live somewhere outside of their firewall??

Google says - please use Google apps for your small business development, all this super cool stuff for free. Gmail for your company with your own domain...etc....go to the cloud. And check out App Engine, which isn't quite ready yet.

What is an HPC App???

Collaboration and supply chain will move to the cloud quickly. Data processing might not move as quickly.

Overheard at exit "In the end who would I have a beer with?? Vogels - the Amazon guy - definitely not the Google guy"

Social Gamers: Away From the Keyboard

* Dennis Crowley - foursquare
* Adam Simon - Socialbomb
* Daniel Soltis - Tinker.it!
* Kevin Slavin - Area/Code Games
* Bret Terrill - Zynga

Get off your keyboard and play!

Zynga - play games with your friends on who are on Facebook while you are away from your computer on your iPhone.....hmmm v. use your phone as a way to enable a street game with your friends.

Universal Design
Wendy Chisolm & Matt May

The beauty of it is that designing for the iPhone and applying those principals to web builds because of it's physical interface allows you to be more accessible.

#1 Rule: Early & Often ....don't get me started

Consider accessible early and often. Yep. Got it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3.5 - Edit Post

Not a product demo but a product pitch....wanted to see how these things work no need to sell me on the viability. ergh

Skipped off to the pOwer of sMall:

Now I am in my element: Here they are
1. make small talk - helps a lot learn new things
2. go the extra inch
3. say thank you
4. become a mini-tasker
5. see the glass half empty
6. make small impressions
7. make small changes

You gotta trick your mind into changing. Neurological studies show that the most primitive part of our brains is afraid of change. So pretend your already there in the change you want to be and soon enough your brain will catch up - amen or woman as the case may be.

Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator:

Thrive for financial literacy. You can drag and drop icons to set goals and meet them. Three to five minutes to set up. 3 minute product demo. I am in ...smarter than the mint.

Enough to be Dangerous:

Kali Cover - Exec Director of Systems Implementation Fox - My Space

Making the Most of the Honeymoon Phase:
- meet the team
- identify key players
- make a good first impression - partly to do with SWAG - welcome pak - Champagne - rolling out the red carpet

- spend time outside the client's office - bring them into your cool space - clients judge your level of talent by how cool your space is --- take them out to golf

- Ask how do they like to work
- Explain how you like to work
- lots of upfront meeting

- Establish the Baseline for your Relationship
*clients know how far they are pushing it and they will always ask for more especially around what you will give away and how much time it will take

- Commit to the team - name the team in the SOW for both sides
- Fully express the the business objectives in SOW

- Help them empathize with the client (each team member must own the project0
- Clarify roles and responsibilities

- inform without talking down
- myth busters and industry standards
- project life cycles

- communicate escalation paths
- set up regular check points

Tips Gleaned from long chat:
- speak the language of your business culture
- stay under the radar
- build it before they find you (time box it for 10 weeks)

must say i have really just once again started to get anther cool hang of this....blogging about the event in the event rocks! and now i get how to make italics and bold. :)

Change Your World in 50 Minutes: Making Breakthroughs Happen

- what's on their ipod playist
- which super power would you choose ? flight or invisibility

14 Ways to improve your productivity

1.Treat your features build like a super power -if we add this will it be a cool super power?

2. What bigger/cooler thing is my (new) thing a part of (my company, my product)

3. Outlyers - it takes 10,000 hours to get really really good at something
a) learn the patterns
b) shorten the duration

4. Deliberate Practice: kicking ass in < less than 1,000 - in specific practice
a)work on your strengths
b) in user experience offer exercises, games, to encourage deliberate practice

5. Make the right things easy and the wrong things hard. Make it easier to have a user have a breakthrough than stand still

6. Get better gear and offer better gear


Day 3: SWSX - In the Groove

Ok Now I am in the groove, this thing is happening live before me but the only way to track the conversations and movement is to be online all the time. You want to know the best sessions? check your twitter. You want to ask your panelist a question go to their name or session name# twitter - still working that one out - can't you see my raised hand? Oh wait we're geeks. Code on brother.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 2 SXSW Actually in Austin This TIme

Inauspicious start with 2 hour flight delay in United's ghetto of a gate B22a. Met a very nice young man, from Austin named Jorge, an accountant with Hilton Hotels who spent a week in Scranton and was eager to get back to home and open to the idea of spending time with the crowds at SXSW.

Finally arrive in Austin only to be brought by cab to very nice looking but wrong hotel. (There are several Doubletrees in Austin). Find correct hotel, not so nice looking but featuring a retro-glowing Denny's in the parking lot. Newly renovated interior makes up not so cute facade and sketchy semi-college hood.

Another cab to Austin Convention Center (ACC) and the conference begins! I watched the video and am well versed in going to 4th street entrance to 4th floor for badge pickup. Badge pickup successful now off to SODA UnConference Meet and Greet on level 7 Mezz. Find nearest map looking people and ask where this might be. They have no idea what I am talking about. Review map for myself. There is no level 7, escalators only go to levels 1 and 4 - where is level 7?? I am confused..thus begins my SXSW walk-about. Entirely miss SoDa meeting in walk about, I was late anyway, but catch the end of today's keynote - some crazy stats guy who predicted Obama would win by landslide - yeah sure. Get 2 tweets from friends at the event. Can't find them either. Go to next event - "Your Personal Blog is Dead". Actually find room on level 3 which requires going down long unmarked hall to outside stairwell packed with smokers and other lost souls tramp around in a square for several minutes find whole new set of 20 meeting rooms. Find meeting room 5a - no one is there. Correction 4 lost looking blogger souls all waiting for a host. I can't take the uuumm...silence and leave this intimate cabal. Find Design meets Agile Development. Plays to a packed room. So packed in fact that most of us end up sitting on the floor in a semi-circle around speakers feet. I try and take in the crowd and am sure I am the least technically astute person in the room, wow are these the geeks that geeks dream about....this is like geek heaven, my comparatively non-geekiness pegs me as a manager. Several people tweet the seesion...must figure out what # twitter is... we begin.

"What is Agile?" -- "What is waterfall?" Which is better....