Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Free Radical Syndicate

I just came from a meeting of a great group of smart, engaged, fully immersed, present and friendly ad people, called the Free Radical Syndicate, hosted by my amazing friend Laura Luckman-Kelber...unique I know, and fun! We were discussing the relative merits and de-merits of blogging. We were asking why in the face of so many interesting choices should I choose to spend my time in this way?

"Isn't it just pissing in the wind?", "Does it really build community?" And if so "Isn't it a fake community without any of the tactile-ness of being in the same room with other people verbally sharing ideas?"

My answer is I don't know. Ultimately I don't think one is better than the other they are just different tools used at different times for different purposes. You can opt out or into either. In the example of this here personal blog of mine, well frankly it is a bit of a shot in the dark as I am still a bit shy about my writing and therefore I don't actually push or share these communications with very many people but I would like to.

I would like to get to the point where I think my writing is so incisive and funny that I want to foist it onto an unwitting public or that my articulations are so salient as to beg to be sent across the country to my loving friends and devoted family but as I mentioned before I am shy. And critical. So this concept of personal digital branding,that Gary Vee, the Wine Guy, is so passionate and articulate about, while resonant and relevant still struggles within me for light and life. I would like to build community. I would like to hear from you, share comments with you but it seems you are shy too and I don't want to hassle with you. Although I would like to digitally argue/ laugh/talk with you if you should care to join in.

Yes I am a powerhouse amongst my peers but interestingly enough as much as I love this medium and will continue to put my voice out here I, like many things in life, am simply better in real time.

So please let's start again now, write back, tell me I'm wrong or right.

much love,

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