Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday..the day before Monday

Sometimes Sunday really does feel like the day before Monday..especially late in the afternoon right before dinner, when your hanging in that middle zone as the days activities wind down and the dinner/bath/bed crush has yet to kick in. Then it's Sunday the day before Monday and work and lists and all the things you didn't quite finish last week. Sometimes, I will admit the thought creeps in and I think yeah, can't wait to get back at it...'cause this week I'm gonna....but other times it's like, quick, deflect...through up the!

Ok but this blog is supposed to be about the Things You Can make this life more livable for all...sustainable for the planet ..and generally just better, nicer,cleaner and safer for us all.

So today's thought is from the Sunday NYT - Americans throw away and therefore waste some 93 billion tons of food a year. We but too much, cook too much, serve ourselves too much etc and all that food in the trash creates more greenhouse gases in the dump.

Something we can do is take smaller portions, re-heat/eat what you cooked and didn't eat and compost the waste. Then plant a garden and use your compost as fertilizer..or pot a plant with it.

Happy Sunday y'all.

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