Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MSN and Global Warming


It's been about a billion years since I last updated the site and a lot has happened but a lot has stayed the same too. We, our little tribe of 7, me, Lee, Michale, Stephen, Nina, Miles and Lila, all hopped in the mini-van for a mini Spring Break Tour to St, Louis MO, it was much better than it sounds. For one thing it was warm, and being here in the snow flurries of Chicago on April 9 is just not where it is at.

Anyway, like the rest of us I still work too much, run around too much and conseqentially drink way too much coffee. I like to get my caffeine levels up to the point of just before a headache but often misjudge and blow right past waking up into full bore need two aspirin.

But the real reason I am writing today is to tell you all about my new favorite site of the day:


It has a little bit of a Sheryl Crow promo vibe - but please look past that to the content...it's like 4 simple things you can do TODAY to fight Global Warming..most of which you've thought of but here's an easy way to give yourself props and be encouraged by others who are thinking the same way.