Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Night in the Snow

It's so weird to have a blog. For one thing I never get to write in it. For another when I look back and read what I just read I want to delete sounds so pompous and high handed, so forgive me, I really must try harder...

So I am still slogging through Howard Zinn's People's History, one friend told me about a sort of 'highlights' of Zinn book that really might be easier. The thing is this really is a very good book but I gotta take it in small pieces because it really is a record of one small group of assholes oppressing a large group of less well armed/informed/organized group of others...kind of depressing.

I read this book and I really start to think that ever since there was like 2 people and 1 spoon someone had to hit someone else over the head with a rock to get the spoon.

Oh and then I read about the Crusades, wow, pretty much blasted any shred of Christianity I was hanging onto for old times sake, right straight out of about people being really mean to each other.

Ok so let's all agree to not be mean to each other.

I had lunch with a friend this week, and then drinks with a whole different group of friends and all of a sudden I was like damn, my heart is a clenched fist, look at these people with their sense of openess and expansiveness and me being all tight and holding close and passing was an eyeopener and kind of a drag too.

So Bless you all, get some rest and please let's just simply be kind.