Monday, January 22, 2007

Things We Can Do -2

Well here I am again. It turns out that once you start a gmail account you can't merge an old account with the new...who knew

Ah so Howard Zinn, seems he's a new cult fav - everyones heard of him it seems but me.

I am going to re post the first two post here to create a through line ..hope it helps... I really am hoping to get anyone who receives this post who has an idea about it or how to slow down or crazy push to annihilation to write please do

Also I have had a few great suggestions so far:
From Michael;
if you get those spam direct mail flyers that start with a heading shop local and then have your local grocery store ads in them and like me throw them directly in the recycle - call the 800 number on the bottom of the front page and cancel it, it takes 2 minutes and if enough of us do it they may in fact make less of them

another from Ben but I have to go find the url


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