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State Of The Internet 2011

A dynamic twist on an old favorite past time - quoting internet stats

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A Christian and a Buddhist Walk Into a Cartoon - YouTube

Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books : NPR


I have been geeking out on this list all morning. It breaks my geeky heart to see Tolkien at the top. I mean seriously, good story but it's like reading the King James version of the Bible because you like the syntax...which btw is my favorite version. Surprisingly I have only read about a third of this list but with brilliant, funny, smart fast paced sci-fi like "Snow Crash" - which comes in at 26 - makes me wonder who actually voted...besides me?

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Beam Global Spirits & Wine


Welcome to Beam Global Spirits & Wine
Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. is the fourth largest premium spirits company in the world, with ten of the world's top-100 premium spirits in our portfolio.

Learn More Learn More

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Sauza Tequila - The freshest tasting margaritas for everyday entertaining.

Ultra Premium Vodka | Smooth Refreshing liquor | EFFEN Vodka | EFFEN® Vodka


Smooth Vodka. Superb Suggestion.

When you order yourself a cocktail made with one of four smooth EFFEN® Vodkas, you tell those around you that you prefer products that emphasize design and balance form and function. Now, when you order someone else an EFFEN® cocktail, there's no mistake: you tell them you have designs of your own.

The word EFFEN® literally means "smooth" in Dutch. But it suggests something very different. Stylishly so. 

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Inside the Vault - The new series that explores today's modern American man

11 ways to build trust within your team | SmartBlog on Leadership


This is important. Let's all give it a try.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The History of Email


...and I was just talking about this the other day... so far is so short a time

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The hard truth about health care - The Washington Post - Are you ready for it?


More than 140 characters but worth the read for a clear and simple breakdown of how the US is in a foolish debate about how to fix what 7 other countries have already nailed.

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29 Ways to Stay Creative - sweet!

Is it worth the fight? Leading through conflict

Guest Blogger

Design for conflict: Why you should have a few fights in your company

By Guest Blogger on June 2, 2011 | Comments (2)

This post is by Greg Kesler and Amy Kates, managing partners at Kates Kesler Organization Consulting, the authors of “Leading Organization Design: How to Make Organization Design Decisions to Drive the Results You Need.” The authors consult with global companies trying to maximize value-delivery through organization design. E-mail them at and

Get ready to rumble
For years, leaders have tried to create smooth-running organizations where complexity, tension, conflict and overlapping lines of authority are at a minimum. Organizational simplicity is great when the business is simple. But in a complex, multi-divisional company, managing brands across several products and geographies things get more complicated and fights break out.

Learn to love it. Harmony is often the wrong goal. When there is no tension among your businesses and functions and geographies, there’s a good chance you’re leaving value on the table.

Come out fighting
Senior leadership must learn to cultivate conflict. There has to be tension in the matrix — but it has to be the kind of tension that works for customers, shareholders and the assorted teams inside the business.

Nike’s money-making matrix
Nike gets it right. The company has to market a core brand across a number of consumer categories with hundreds of products all over the world. That’s a recipe for creative conflict. The global soccer consumer program may have produced record-shattering results. But the seasonal storyline has to deliver for basketball, running and fitness. South Africa wants to go one way on footwear design while the Netherlands, Brazil and Korea may argue for something else.
To ignore any of these competing voices diminishes Nike’s potential of Nike’s powerful blend of brand, design and market reach. Executives risk bad compromises if they try to keep things simple or conflict-free.

Adding conflict and complexity
How to add conflict and complexity the right way? Look to two places: smart “organization design” and the right leader behaviors and skills.

Forget straight lines and dotted lines
Smart organization design isn’t about straight and dotted lines. It creates conscious power sharing and brings conflict out onto the table. It dictates that one voice gets a stronger vote on brand decisions, while another gets the golden vote on channel management and yet another on product design. Even in giant functional organizations like Cisco, the decision rules are spelled out. At Nike, once all voices are heard, leaders don’t dither. It’s not always a pretty process, but decisions get made and things happen fast.
Aligning structure, processes, measures and how you pay people are all critical. And you have to get the right talent in the right jobs.

Leaders who can make conflict productive
Companies from GE to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are teaching leaders how to lead in complex organizations. There are four things leaders in the matrix need to learn:

  • Build the right networks and relationships
  • Manage up and sideways — with aligned targets and initiatives
  • Influence with more compelling ideas and personal sources of power
  • Make conflict work — lead through polarities for greater creativity

The cost of management time is higher in complex organizations. That’s unavoidable. But poor decisions, delayed decisions and confused roles are ultimately more costly. By designing organizations and developing leaders to make the conflict work, you can recoup the cost by getting all possible value out of your assets.

Managing in complex environments. Yes.

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35 Ways Social Media Can Make Your Life Easier - By Alli on 4/9/11 - Blog World


Twitter is about more than telling people what kind of sandwich you had for lunch and Facebook is about more than posting party pictures from your days in college. The next time people tell you that social media is worthless, point them to this post. These are very real ways new media sites have made my life easier:

  1. When I was in Las Vegas, a city I don’t know well, for BlogWorld 2010 I asked fordirections to a bar I was trying to find by tweeting at a friend who had just checked in there on Foursquare.
  2. I commonly ask for recommendations for movies, music, and other forms of entertainment on Twitter.
  3. As a writer, if I meet someone who might have freelance work for me, I can connect with them on LinkedIn when I get home or even with my smart phone before I even leave the party rather than relying on them to remember my website or having to keep track of a business card.
  4. Speaking of work, if you need a job, you can mention it to your friends/followers to see if anyone knows of any job openings where you might be a good fit.
  5. I tweeted at a hotel where I was planning to book a trip once, and they sent me to a hidden page on their website with awesome travel deals for upcoming weekends.
  6. Once, I was trying on shoes and trying to decide whether or not to buy. I posted a picture on Facebook and got my friends’ opinions before I made the purchase.
  7. Need to know an obscure fact? Someone on Twitter can probably help you remember who sang that song stuck in your head or what movie that quote you like comes from. If you ask, people will gladly offer up trivia tidbits and it’s often easier than using a search engine to find the fact.
  8. I once saw an a-lister tweet that he forgot his power cord at home and was already at the airport getting ready to board a long flight to another country. One of his friends brought him a back-up. Even if your network isn’t as robust, often they can help you identify where you can get replacement items in a hurry.
  9. Forget the lyrics to a song? Twitter knows. Twitter always knows.
  10. And even better, if you can’t find what you need on YouTube, most bands have their most popular songs posted on MySpace. Yes, MySpace really does still come in handy from time to time!
Read the Full Article

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope [feat. Big Boi] (Video)

Going for a three -fer this Friday. Saw this video at least a year ago, somebody reminded me of it today. Love it, makes me smile. Enjoy!

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Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

this is something we all can do - move from getting stuff done to doing things with purpose "Why we do things." not "What we do."

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Song of the Day - Kiss Me Like You Mean It


2 days in a row...I am on a roll. This song is cracking me up..thanks again Rast..."now come her baby and kiss me like you mean it!"

Happy Friday



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Friday, March 18, 2011

Song of the Day - You Shook Me

This one goes way back in the way back machine. Shaking off the dust of the move and getting the Led Out!

You Shook Me by Led Zeppelin Listen on Posterous


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From FBML to iFrames


How Facebook Changes Impact Ecommerce Merchants, Part 2: From FBML to iFrames


Editor's Note: Facebook recently announced significant changes to its platform that impacts small-business marketing efforts. In response, Practical eCommerce will publish "How Facebook Changes Impact Ecommerce Merchants," a three-part series aimed at addressing each of these changes. The series will run in the following order:

  • Part 1: Pages Redesign
  • Part 2: From FBML to iFrames
  • Part 3: Sponsored Stories Ad Units

In this "Part 2" installment, our own social media guru, Paul Chaney, addresses the switch to iframe technology for custom Facebook pages. He described the overall redesign changes last week, in "How Facebook Changes Impact Ecommerce Merchants, Part 1: Page Redesign."

Facebook recently announced that it is moving from its proprietary Facebook Markup Language (FBML, a version of HTML) to iframes for custom page creation. Facebook has set March 11 as the deadline, after which no new tabs can be created using FBML.

Many users depend on a Facebook app called staticFBML to create custom tabs, such as "Welcome" or "Products" that you see on many Fan pages. staticFBML enabled those with less technical proficiency in HMTL and CSS to build such tabs. The change from FBML to iframes means Fan page owners must learn how to develop tabs using iframes, or rely on third-party tab-creation service providers.

Use of iFrames

It is not the purpose of this article to explain iframe technology. However, here are some of the main points.

  1. "iFrame" stands for "Inline Frame." It allows a web page hosted on one server to be embedded (or "framed") into a web page of another. For Facebook purposes, this means a custom tab will not reside on Facebook's servers. It will be hosted elsewhere, then embedded into a tab using iframes. This will presumably result in a major reduction of the load placed on Facebook's servers and, likely, was one of the reasons for the decision.

    The use of iframes is not a new technology. It was introduced by Microsoft Internet Explorer as early as 1997, according to the iframes entry in Wikipedia.

  2. The use of iframes means that page administrators will have to set up a Facebook app each time a new custom tab is created. Formerly, Facebook apps were created with Canvas Pages, which were blank "canvas" screens onto which HTML, JavaScript and CSS were loaded. Now, Facebook has mandated app creation for tabbed pages, as well. The result is a greater unification in the way Facebook's Platform works, which was presumably another reason for the switch.

  3. iFrame technology offers a number of advantages over FBML. Because pages will no longer be served from the network's own servers, the constraints imposed by Facebook's platform will go away. This means greater flexibility in terms of the types of scripting languages that can be used and deeper integration between the merchant's website and Facebook page.

  4. iFrame technology also presents challenges. Some custom-tab functions that relied on FBML will be more difficult to implement. For example, the ability for a page owner to require a visitor to Like the page to enjoy its full benefits — a technique called "fangating" — will now be more difficult to create, and, for some users, will require a developer's assistance. In addition, the page owner will have to provide space on his or her own server for custom tabbed pages.

  5. This change, along with the recent redesign of Facebook pages, may mean a change in the terminology used to refer to tabs. Formerly, navigation was done with a row of tabs across the top of the page. Now, navigation is located on the left of the page, under the profile banner. Since customization will now be done using Facebook's developer app technology, the term "tabs" seems less appropriate.

    See Full Article

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Song of the Day - Ruby by David Rawlings Machine

This for Kim because she just discovered this awesome gem of a blog and because I been waking up with this song in my head for like a week now. Also Maggie likes this one.


Download now or listen on posterous
01 Ruby.m4a (9420 KB)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page - Formstack

Web dev love. To complete my new year's trifecta!

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Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

And this because who doesn't need a handy reminder on how to get out the door? I love don't check your inbox for 1 hour after you have arrived at work!

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10 Websites to Watch in 2011

Two surprises here for me: 1. Joomla. I mean for pete's sake...but then again a good free CMS is a good thing. 2. Foursquare for all those haters who predicted it's death... I don't think they got that it's a game...played in real space and actually somewhat amusing especially if you check the tips

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