Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 4: In the Cloud

Today I am going for more hard core tech...yesterday was good...a lot of pasta, no meat.

Data Centers are not effecient.....

* Kevin Gibbs - Google App Engine
* Yousef Khalidi - Microsoft
* Werner Vogels - Amazon.com

Is there a possible hybrid between dedicated hosting situations and the cloud...cloud burtsting? The man from Google has no answer - he says it's day one. Right this other fellow says yes. This cloud thing is more about enterprise applications than straight up hosting. Also there is no VPN in the cloud. And finally will a security freak like some of our past corporate collaborators allow their site to live somewhere outside of their firewall??

Google says - please use Google apps for your small business development, all this super cool stuff for free. Gmail for your company with your own domain...etc....go to the cloud. And check out App Engine, which isn't quite ready yet.

What is an HPC App???

Collaboration and supply chain will move to the cloud quickly. Data processing might not move as quickly.

Overheard at exit "In the end who would I have a beer with?? Vogels - the Amazon guy - definitely not the Google guy"

Social Gamers: Away From the Keyboard

* Dennis Crowley - foursquare
* Adam Simon - Socialbomb
* Daniel Soltis - Tinker.it!
* Kevin Slavin - Area/Code Games
* Bret Terrill - Zynga

Get off your keyboard and play!

Zynga - play games with your friends on who are on Facebook while you are away from your computer on your iPhone.....hmmm v. use your phone as a way to enable a street game with your friends.

Universal Design
Wendy Chisolm & Matt May

The beauty of it is that designing for the iPhone and applying those principals to web builds because of it's physical interface allows you to be more accessible.

#1 Rule: Early & Often ....don't get me started

Consider accessible early and often. Yep. Got it.

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