Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anti Palin Rally in Alaska

Read below to see what Alaskans really think of Sarah Palin. I will try and get the photos posted later.

" [The] Alaska Women Reject Palin rally was to be held outside on the lawn in front of the Loussac Library in midtown Anchorage. Home made signs were encouraged, and the idea was to make a statement that Sarah Palin does not speak for all Alaska women, or men. I had no idea what to expect.

The rally was organized by a small group of women, talking over coffee. It made me wonder what other things have started with small groups of women talking over coffee. It's probably an impressive list. These women hatched the plan, printed up flyers, posted them around town, and sent notices to local media outlets. One of those media outlets was KBYR radio, home of Eddie Burke, a long-time uber-conservative Anchorage talk show host. Turns out that Eddie Burke not only announced the rally, but called the people who planned to attend the rally "a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots," and read the home phone numbers of the organizers aloud over the air, urging listeners to call and tell them what they thought. The women, of course, received some nasty, harassing and threatening messages.

I felt a bit apprehensive. I'd been disappointed before by the turnout at other rallies. Basically, in Anchorage, if you can get 25 people to show up at an event, it's a success. So, I thought to myself, if we can actually get 100 people there that aren't sent by Eddie Burke, we'll be doing good. A real statement will have been made. I confess, I still had a mental image of 15 demonstrators surrounded by hundreds of menacing "socialist baby-killing maggot" haters.

It's a good thing I wasn't tailgating when I saw the crowd in front of the library or I would have ended up in somebody's trunk. When I got there, about 20 minutes early, the line of sign wavers stretched the full length of the library grounds, along the edge of the road, 6 or 7 people deep! I could hardly find a place to park. I nabbed one of the last spots in the library lot, and as I got out of the car and started walking, people seemed to join in from every direction, carrying signs.

Never, have I seen anything like it in my 17 and a half years living in Anchorage. The organizers had someone walk the rally with a counter, and they clicked off well over 1400 people (not including the 90 counter-demonstrators). This was the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state. I was absolutely stunned. The second most amazing thing is how many people honked and gave the thumbs up as they drove by. And even those that didn't honk looked wide-eyed and awe-struck at the huge crowd that was growing by the minute. This just doesn't happen here.

Then, the infamous Eddie Burke showed up. He tried to talk to the media, and was instantly surrounded by a group of 20 people who started shouting O-BA-MA so loud he couldn't be heard. Then passing cars started honking in a rhythmic pattern of 3, like the Obama chant, while the crowd cheered, hooted and waved their signs high.

So, if you've been doing the math… Yes. The Alaska Women Reject Palin rally was significantly bigger than Palin's rally that got all the national media coverage! So take heart, sit back, and enjoy the photo gallery. Feel free to spread the pictures around to anyone who needs to know that Sarah Palin most definitely does not speak for all Alaskans. The citizens of Alaska, who know her best, have things to say."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barack Obama wins presidential election!

Barack Obama wins the election.

I believe you have to believe to make this statement come true. I believe you can't half-step, hold back or even prepare yourself for the worst. We must truly unabashedly, 100% committed-ly believe Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. This election will not be won by Obama, in half measures. This election can only be won if we all commit. This election can be won if we all talk, and post and read and support. This election can be won if we try.

Holding back doesn't mean you won't get hurt, it simply means you have chosen not to fully express your love, commitment, power and strength. And we need it. We need every single Obama supporter to believe.

I love this country. In the face of all that has transpired over the last eight years and more, I am reminded that is the people who won a woman's right to vote. It was the everyday citizen who marched in Selma and boycotted buses in Montgomery Alabama. And we have a chance here now to go for it again. It's not a silver bullet, but it is by and large going to make a hugely positive impact on the lives of so many ordinary Americans. We must absolutely take Barack to the White House in November.

Imagine all the people who this win could positively effect, city school kids who suddenly have this larger than life role model, lawyers for a cause who may have almost given up, the middle man and woman whose voice has finally been heard, the racist who must now face the truth about his false construct, the people on the other side of the world who will begin to look to America with pride and respect again.

One brave and crazy thing you can do is to really believe Barack Obama will become the next President of the United States of America.

with love,

Obama beats McCain on Taxes

This chart is from CNN.

The median income in the US is $40,000. 80% of all households make below $100,000. That means that for 80% of the country Obama will lower their taxes. Shouldn't that mean that Obama will win by 80%?

Also look at th 2.9million number. McCain lowers their taxes and Obama taxes them more. Those that have should help those that don't.

Here's how the average tax bill could change in 2009 if either John McCain's or Barack Obama's tax proposals were fully in place.

Income Avg. tax bill Avg. tax bill
Over $2.9M -$269,364 +$701,885
$603K and up -$45,361 +$115,974
$227K-$603K -$7,871 +$12
$161K-$227K -$4,380 -$2,789
$112K-$161K -$2,614 -$2,204
$66K-$112K -$1,009 -$1,290
$38K-$66K -$319 -$1,042
$19K-$38K -$113 -$892
Under $19K -$19 -$567