Monday, June 16, 2008

5 things we can do to have a better day

1. Practice Gratitude. Just say thank you. It's easy and it feels good. Wake up and say thank you for all the blessings in my life and then list a few. Simple things like waking up, having a comfortable bed, good coffee, someone you love, a job that helps you pay the bills, friends and family, your favorite socks. Gratitude is a good thing you can do.

2. Praise Others. Instead of tearing people down, lift them up. Practice recognizing and acknowledging even the small good things that the people around you achieve and watch them achieve even more.

3. Focus on Success. At the end of everyday write down the one moment that was your best. The one time where you had a conversation or communication or achievement where it all came together for you and you got to be your best self. The more success you remember the more likely you are to achieve even more success,

4. Let Go. Focus on the things you can change. Let go of the rest.

5. Find a quiet moment. Take just a few minutes each day to unplug, let go and unwind. Focus on your breath. Listen to the sound of the room around you. Feel your own heart. In this go go go life style it is important to take a moment each day for yourself to feel the world around you in stillness and peace.

Let there be love. All else fails.